The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain, Pre- and Post-Surgery

Written By ChiroConcepts of McKinney on January 10, 2018

If you’re suffering from low back pain, you may have been referred to your chiropractor for a course of physical therapy. 


Because physical therapy helps increase function, decrease back pain, and, if surgery’s required, it can improve your recovery period and surgical outcome. Physical therapy also increases the understanding you have of your back, helping you to prevent any back problems from arising in the future. 

The Benefits of Undergoing Physical Therapy Before and After Your Surgery

There’s substantial evidence that supports the use of physical therapy (and exercises at home) pre- and post-surgery. This is due to the stability and strength physical therapy provides you with, which can significantly reduce how long it takes for you to recover. 

For example, a recent study examined the results of 2,690 patients who received standard care (no physical therapy) before their surgery and 84 patients who underwent pre- and post-operative physical therapy. 

Researchers found that those patients who had undergone physical therapy enjoyed far better outcomes than those who didn’t. This was particularly true if they had taken part in a 5-week rehabilitation program pre-surgery, followed by a one-year rehabilitation program after their surgery. These patients scored significantly higher on certain measurement points after two years. 

This occurs because when you’re experiencing back pain, you’re more likely to recover from operations and treatments if you’re in optimum physical condition beforehand. That’s why most patients (unless they require emergency surgery or can’t have physical therapy) are strongly advised to undergo physical therapy before they consider or have back surgery.

What Does This Type of Low Back Pain Treatment Involve? 

The majority of physical therapy programs are tailored to an individual patient’s case, but will often include a combination of exercises that help ease the pain.

This includes stretching, so your muscles don’t shrink due to lack of use and remain within their normal range of motion; stabilization exercises that help strengthen the muscles around the spine so it’s supported for various movements; and core strengthening exercises that build up your lower back and abdominal muscles to, again, build up the muscle support around your spine. 

Therefore, if you’re suffering from low back pain and have consulted your doctor, ask them about the benefits of physical therapy. They’ll be able to work with your local chiropractor in McKinney to create a treatment program that’s right for you, preparing you for back surgery if required. 

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