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Back Pain In The Elderly

Increasing age is shown to be associated with a relatively high incidence of back pain. According to a newly released study, a 31.5 percent incidence of frequent back pain was found in a sample of 1,299 people aged 65 and older. According to results, back pain was reported less often by men and the very old. The  back pain was moderate in intensity and primarily aggravated by carrying, lifting or pushing heavy objects. Those with back pain were significantly more likely to report difficulty in heavy household chores, carrying a shopping bag, cutting toenails, and using public transportation. Fortunately, according to researchers back pain in the elderly as well as many of the previously mentioned functional limitations are potentially reversible with the appropriate care. Chiropractic care has successfully helped millions with back pain regain their freedom including even the eldest of people.

Source: Spine. 31(10):1149-1155, May 1, 2006.